Kindred Spirits Intentional Living Center
Kindred Spirits Intentional Living Center

What Is Intentional Living?

Living with purpose - Learning to become more psychologically and spiritually awake, alert and emotionally available to one's own inner workings while becoming more attuned to all other aspects of life.

A greater self awareness is cultivated it is reflected ina life that simply works better: better choices, more authentic relationships, deeper connections. 


Animal Spirits & Your Power animals. Learn how to work with them.



Find the real you. Who are you. Who have you been? Who are you becoming?



True North 

Finding your Inner Compass.



Travel with us on an amazing journey to far away places.



Mason Jars Meals available each week. Made with no processed foods, organic and gluten free when requested.



Self Revelation through your inner journeys. We welcome you to become who you are truly meant to be.



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