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True North - Finding Your Inner Compass


True North is a phrase that's often used to define a person who has clarity and direction in his or her life.

How long has it been since you've felt inspired, connected or empowered?


Perhaps it's time to awaken to your lifes journey. Come with me. Let me be your guide, I've been down the path you're walking, I know the way.


~Connect with your higher self

~Define, embrace and defend your boundaries

~Discover, re-discover or strengthen your spiritual path


Join me for this 4 month program where we will meet three times a month, two sessions of 50 minutes and one session (60 minutes) per month with the Inner Mysteries group. This series of classes are personalized so we can move at a pace that’s right for you. Start the sessions when you'd like, but first stop by for an informal chat to see if we'd be a good fit together and if you feel I can help you with your goals.


  • Finding your Spiritual Direction, Your Inner Compass
  • Self Care, Grounding & Setting Boundaries
  • Meditation - Pathworking
  • Shamanism - Journeywork
  • Personal Energy Work - The Healer Within
  • Building Your Spiritual Practice
  • Your Personal Intuition System

I am looking to work with people who are willing to make changes in their lives, people who are driven and committed. I look forward to hearing from you. Please take a moment to view my testimonials page and see what others are saying about working with me.

Program Cost: $140 per month - which includes:

2- 50 minute private sessions & 1 - 60 minute group session (Gaia's Grove). To contact us about this



E-Merge - With Ashley Ott


E-merge is a process where people from any spiritual path can free themselves from the effects of the past, present and future as well as former lifetimes.We use the natural process of Emotional Release to clear psychological traumas, behavioral patterns and qualities in a person that have become blocked or oppressed.

In a non-judgmental, safe space we will explore, encourage, permit and assist with your emotional release and help you evaluate where you are on your journey. Our goal is to have you thinking clearer, feeling lighter and ready to re-emerge as a happier, healthier you. We create a space of understanding, a place where you're not alone.


Cost: $30.00 ~ Interested in this session? We require a minimum of 6 people to hold this session.

Email us at:



Past Life Memory Sessions


Have you ever considered that something from a past life might be affecting your life today? Consider an appointment for a past life session to uncover what may be holding you back and help you to understand what's operating in the background. Let us help you release past pains that may be preventing you from living a full life.


This is not just a fanciful story someone told you, this is a process that uses your own body to reveal information about your past.

By using large muscle group testing (LMGT) we are able to tap into your imramma (soul journey) and find the true story about you. Find out more about your forever memory™


Here are a few of the categories we inquire about:

  • WHO - Who were you? Male - Female - Married - Widowed - Children
  • WHAT - What did you do? Jobs? Occupations?
  • WHEN - When did you exist in time? Hundreds of years ago or a thousand years ago?
  • WHERE - What part of the world did you live in?
  • WHY - Why where you here? What was your purpose? What was your life lesson?
  • HOW - How did this come about? How do you move on from the lesson learned?


After an initial session you may have gained enough awareness of your past life. Being aware of just the knowledge alone can help you move farther along your path.


Or perhaps just the knowledge alone isn't enough and you find you are unable to move on. Then you somehow need to heal and/or take some type of action to make that change. We suggest the following ideas AND we will test you for which ones you specifically would need.

Cord Cutting, Reiki or Energy Healing, Emerge, Meditation,

Past Life Hypnosis (for additional details), Journeywork and many more.


If you find you need to delve deeper, we have additional sessions that can address other areas of interest, such as:

Soul Groups, Guides and Guardians, Soul Retrieval or Soul Loss, etc.


Contact us for a session to learn more about this new way of uncovering past lives. The sessions are approximately an hour long and the cost is $60.00.


Contact us at (630) 554-1111 or email:


Here's what others have said about our sessions:


A fascinating look into my past. I learned what issues from the past keep driving me today. I've had the answers all along. R.S.


The Past Life Regression class at Kindred was amazing. I really had no idea what to expect. This class was not only informative, but it showed us a new way to get past life information. My individual experience was very cool, and it was great being able to watch others go through their experience and share their results. A really fun afternoon! M.N.


The Past Lives workshop was fascinating.  I have always been skeptical of past life regression but the ability to use muscle memory intrigued me.  I was sure that it was not going to work on me in spite of watching it work on several others in the class.  Imagine my surprise when I learned all about a very interesting past life that was totally unexpected.  This is definitely something I would like to learn more about and something I would recommend. M.A.


I was so excited and curious to attend the Past Lives workshop and had no idea what information I would receive.  The whole group was interested in everyone's individual story and we has all held our breath each new time new info was uncovered from the muscle test.  The info about my past lives made perfect sense to me.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to see how their present life and past lives intersect. W.I.


I attended the past life seminar at Kindred Spirits, I was not sure what to expect but I went in knowing that everything I have attended here has been special. This was no exception. The day was spent with 7 beautiful women and we all were excited to try this out. None of us was disappointed least of all me. All the information I received was informative and needed at this time. It was not only an opportunity to look into my past life it was also the opportunity to see how that life affects me now and what I need to learn from it. The information was well received. The fear of the unknown was faced head on and so worth it. I recommend it for anyone male or female. Wendy K.


I have known Rebecca and Ashley for a few years now. Their ability to meld two different healing modalities together to help others is remarkable. The workshop took Kinesiology and past life regression therapy to a whole new experience for me. At the time of the workshop I was at a very critical point in my life. The life that came forward for me was to say the least "odd". So I took the information and sat with it for a while, meditated on it, journaled and asked for clarification. I began to understand what my next step in life shall be. The information that came forward during the workshop gave me clarity, inspiration and the motivation to move forward. I'm happy to say my next journey in this lifetime is to show/teach others how greed can affect their lives, or better yet, the removal of greed can create a brand new life full of great love happiness and peace. Thank girls, love ya. Teri

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